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Changing Passwords. How About Right Now?

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There is almost always a story in the headlines about a new technical vulnerability – Target, eBay, Facebook, Yahoo, etc… Big companies can be hacked, too. Here’s a helpful article explaining what to do in a Heartbleed situation.

HNTBH Solution:
•  Change your passwords
•  Change them now
•  Change all of them

There is good reason to change passwords frequently. In fact, most corporate business networks require users to change their password every 90 days. This is usually for the end users and rarely for the system-to-system accounts.

A vulnerability in a so-called secure network makes it possible for any account (specifically using HTTPS with OpenSSL, but let’s not get into details here…) to become exposed and accessed by someone other than the original user. That is always bad news. Hint: use varied capitalizations, numbers, and symbols to make an extra strong password.

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22% of Americans Experienced a Personal Data Breach in 2013

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Findings from a January 2014 Pew Research Center survey show that:


•  18% of online adults had important personal information stolen (ie: Social Security Number, credit card number, or bank account information). This percentage is quite an increase from the 11% who reported personal information theft in July 2013


•  21% of online adults said they had an email or social networking account compromised or taken over without permission. The exact same percentage of Americans reported this experience in the July 2013 survey.


Click here for the full Pew Research Center article and infographic.

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