Are Online Companies Protecting your Identity?

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eff 2014 snapshot

Every year, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) publishes a report stating which online tech companies are protecting your personal data. This 2014 EFF picture shows exactly how companies safeguard your information, and areas in which they are falling short on user protection.

HNTBH Solution:
The safest choice is to center your online activities around the companies that provide the most protection and simply avoid (or limit) doing business with the companies that do not offer proper protection.

Click here to see the website or download a PDF version of the full 2014 EFF results graphic and summary, Who Has Your Back? 2014: Protecting Your Data From Government Requests.

Compare the 2014 results to the 2013 results. See how your favorite businesses have changed privacy policies and how the list has grown.

Tech blog Engadget has a helpful easy-to-read explanation of the 2014 EFF results as well.

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