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In 2008 James wrote a book with John Wiley & Sons that developed the process and operational requirements for businesses to conduct business in a digitally connected world. The book broke down and simplified nearly 125 different global regulations in a single superset, and provided a clear framework.

Since that publication James has been working with the leaders within Cloud, power generation, and consumer products’ companies on designing, implementing, and auditing these postures for governments and business peers.

  • Built 5 startups focused on Security & Privacy 
  • Over 117,000 individuals have read research 
  • Published over 300 articles 
  • Invited guest speaker at 2-3 conferences a year 

James DeLuccia

Author, Tinkerer

James has been in technology and information security since 1996, and has worked at both the hardcore technical areas (installing the wires and boxes), and has spent the last decade building and leading global information security professionals. James is a published inventor (encryption privacy related patent), a regular speaker, a leader in the information security field, and a passionate father.

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James DeLuccia a published author, practitioner, auditor, is currently a Senior Manager with the leader within information security services brings first hand research and experience on third party vendor trust and global security operations. Mr. DeLuccia leads the Americas certification and compliance services and acts as executive implementing global security programs. His published clients include Google, Amazon, Cisco, Equifax, and other leaders in their field. He is certified as a CIA, CISA, CISM, CISSP, CPISA, CPISM, and degrees in Risk Management, Management Information Systems, and a MBA in Finance. His book, “IT Compliance and Controls: Best Practices for Implementation,” is globally available. Mr. DeLuccia’s ongoing efforts focus on supporting and developing global information protection programs.

More information is available online at LinkedIN.