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A release date is not yet known, but based on the interest, interviews, and speed of discussions I hope to have something ready for the publisher by the end of 2014. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Below I am sharing my progress in this journey:
Chapter topics 75%
Design & Feel - Artist selection 25%
Chapter research and supporters 60%
Website and online collaboration points for community 50%
Mailing list and tip library 65%
Media contacts 20%

Not yet started, but soon…

  • Finalization of chapters
  • Finalization of content
  • Publisher & Editor updates
  • Send to Printers
  • Online at Amazon and as E-Book to Newsletter subscribers
Format and features
  • Massive content based on world’s greatest minds 
  • Simple, direct, and without any noise, jargon, or confusion 
  •  Easy guide suitable for all ages
  • Proper size to be quick and easy to enjoy