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DON’T lose your phone, all your friends, and your photos forever … here is how to beat the trend!

Posted on April 4, 2018 in hntbh, Parents and Children - 0 comments - 0
First off, would you rather lose your wallet and all it’s contents or your phone?
PHONE!!! That is pretty much it. Based on a survey done of 10,000 people KPMG found that most consumers in the US (74%) say they would rather lose their phone than their wallet.
Pressure test this yourself – observe a coffee shop for a few moments and you’ll observe people will leave their $3,000 laptop + bag pack / purse alone and take their phone when they walk away. Crazy .. but it makes sense.
Your phone has all your friends you know in one place – all of those friends, business contacts, loved ones, and how you connect with them (mailing addresses, birthdates, phones) and if you lose these you’ll likely only recover 60% of their details.
Your phone has your photos – weddings, baby pictures, and treasured moments that you never printed, because, well, they are on your phone whenever you desire to see them!
This is why this device matters so much personally. It is the most important technology in your life today and the most exposed to every environment.
To not lose everything – BACK UP YOUR PHONE TODAY. Seriously, either pay the $10 or whatever it is today and backup online, or plug in that cable and backup to your computer. NOW.
In the book I break down moments you should backup and what – but for now, just do it TODAY. You can thank me in the future.
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