Don’t abandon your Phone! Repeat, do not Abandon your Phone!

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lonely iphone

A common fault of smart phone parents is that they often abandon their phone in a public place. It’s just a phone, right? Whether to charge the phone in the corner of a restaurant or “save a seat” at the movies, we’re all guilty of phone abandonment.


This is a very unsafe behavior. Your phone can easily be stolen in these situations. Next time your device needs a charge, consider charging it when you are within a five-foot distance of it. Or perhaps you ask a restaurant waitress to sit you beside a power outlet.


I snapped the image above at a busy Starbucks in Atlanta. The owner of the orphan phone was outside with friends for almost five minutes before returning. Note that the offender’s purse, that probably held less value than the smart phone, was safely taken outside. Smart phones cost roughly $400.00 to replace and house super important personal data.


HNTBH Solution:

1.  Charge your phone at home and in your car

2.  Secure the phone in your purse or pockets

3.  Set up a lock code on your phone (in the worst case scenario of theft, this can protect your personal information)

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