Fraudsters stole $16B from consumers last year – Identity-Theft Victims Pay Lifetime Price

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your-datas-black-market-valueThe impact of identity theft is a serious event, not from the simple letter in the mail in the first months. The impact is a lifetime of monitoring, reaction, prevention, and caution. The use of the stolen data will only evolve and so must consumers.

Interesting detail on the theft, and article below:

According to a recent study from Javelin Strategy & Research, fraudsters stole $16 billion from 12.7 million U.S. consumers in 2014, with a new identity fraud victim popping up about every two seconds.

via Identity-Theft Victims Pay High Price When Their Data Get Stolen |

Don’t forget the tips in chapter 13 in How Not To Be Hacked that address the key lifetime habits to address these criminal events.


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