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HNTBH Spotlight: Safe and Secure Training from ISC2

Companies and government organizations train their employees annually on the best practices – for trade, profession, competency, and information security habits. These habits are customized to the organization’s particular business, threats, and type of access employees have to tech and systems. The specialized training is specific to the organization and business as a whole. The only challenge is it does not translate well into the real world.


Let me say that again… training at a corporation, government, or place of business does not translate to knowing the skills and tips necessary to being secure when you are not at work. This is a fact. The good news is that there are already efforts underway to secure your non-work life. 


There is a group of volunteers called the ISC2 Foundation currently conducting information security training (for free!) and I highly recommend attending one of their events. Participants who can verify their attendance will get a discount on the new book being published here as a reward, simply for educating/protecting yourself.


The ISC2 Foundation has been around for over a decade providing professionals with skills training and helping to improve the global professional community. They have established the “Safe and Secure” program, which is operated as a non-profit and is setup to have volunteers deliver presentations that is fit for parents, teachers, and high school students. Visit the ISC2 Foundation site Safe and Secure.


Don’t forget to share your attendance with our community afterwards and receive your discount on the book.


In full disclosure: I receive nothing for recommending them, or from you attending. This is simply positive encouragement.

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