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2016 Project: Parent Tips for Children online

Posted on January 25, 2016 in parents - 0 comments - 0

The #1 question I get from Parents is how can they protect their children online.  Specifically they are asking the following:

  • How can I be sure my child isn’t being exposed to predators and pranksters online?
  • What should I do about my daughter’s Instagram?
  • My child uses SnapChat, should I be concerned?
  • What safeguards should I put in place – firm rules and soft rules that are balanced to allow them to be kids, safely?

As a father, I answer these passionately and also realize that it is not always easy to parent online. In addition to the classic, social media (Instagram, Facebook, SnapChats, of the world), there is also all these other connected devices (Apple iWatches, GoPro, and more). I have begun a project to get the answers and will share them with everyone on the mailing list, and ultimately in an eBook.

To accomplish this I am welcoming any collaborators! So, far I have begun discussions with the following organizations.  Please help us tackle this problem:

  • Facebook (includes Instagram)
  • (more to coming – I just started 😉

Add your email below, and I’ll keep you informed on all progress:

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James has been in technology and information security since 1996, and has worked at both the hardcore technical areas (installing the wires and boxes), and has spent the last decade building and leading global information security professionals. James is a published inventor (encryption privacy related patent), a regular speaker, a leader in the information security field, and a passionate father.

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