Sony data breach 2014 survival guide is on Amazon Kindle!

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Sony survival guide online for Amazon Kindle!!

As I have been writing the main book on behavioral best practices to improve the state of security and resiliency in light of data breaches and criminal activity, a few major data breaches have occurred. Most recently has been the Sony breach. What pained me was seeing the situation unfold due to its magnitude, but I was more shocked that no one was helping the individual person that was harmed. The employees, ex-employees, contractors, actors, business partners, studios, and Deloitte employees are all open to fantastic attacks on their credit, finances, and medical trusts.

Thus I carved out specific content from the main book and after much customization published an emergency guide. Please find the Kindle book available online for purchase, a great value at $5!  The published version will be up soon. Sneak peek here.

Thank you for your time and be safe,


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