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Mind those bank statements, they effect your liability for ATM & Debit accounts

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One of the first pieces of advice shared is to stop using your Debit Card. Most banks allow you to have an ATM card issued that is perfect for grabbing cash on the go. The reasons are many, but the most important centers of you liability for funds in these accounts.

Quite simply, if money is transferred out of your bank accounts (ATM / Debit Card #s) that money is gone, forever. There is a window of time though for you, and this is based on your bank statements. In the days of electronic statements this can become slippery (meaning when you receive a paper statement you may flip through quickly and see if anything jumps at you, but electronic statements I believe are far less reviewed).

Above is a simple table from the FTC showing the time elapsed from the release of a bank statement/notification and how much you owe. Note, at 60 days you are liable for “All the money taken from your ATM/debit card account, and possibly more…” yikes!

Update on the book – YES, it is nearly completed. The reviews have been very encouraging and I am humbled by all the time folks have helped make it great. May is the month! Stay tuned and visit for more community news.



Some additional readings from Huffington Post on Debit Card Fraud, and even Time Magazine getting the news out!

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18+ states report fake electronic tax returns…

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As tax season begins many are being hit by startling news about their tax returns being already submitted. Meaning someone voluntarily submitted their taxes, and took the liberty of cashing those refund checks. Please …

Follow these tips to begin defending yourself and our book, How not to be hacked to timely tips:

  1. Use two-factor authentication with your tax software
  2. Print out (yes on paper) and store each year’s tax return in a safe-deposit box in case you need to use it with a tax examiner to correct fraudulent filings
  3. Monitor your records, submissions, and returns carefully for errors
  4. Speed, snail mail (U.S. Postal service), and paper filings will not prevent these frauds

Here is a snapshot of today’s Google listings on the topic … startling and scary stuff:

  • Citing fraud concerns, Minn. won’t accept TurboTax returns – 2 days ago – Intuit has halted the transmission of all state e-filing tax returns on …. Then those got hacked and someone filed fake returns under those folks …
  • Citing Tax Fraud Spike, TurboTax Suspends State E-Filings ……/citing-tax-fraud-spike-turbota… –Brian Krebs – Customers who have already filed their state tax returns using Intuit … A seller of hacked accounts on the Dark Web community Evolution …
  • TurboTax account hacked and someone has filed 2014 Tax ……/2662218-turbotax-account-hacked-and-so… – TurboTax account hacked and someone has filed 2014 Tax Return with my secured information. Bank account … Shocking to see that the tax return is alreadyfiled for 2014. … 1) Go to
  • Utah flags 8,000 tax returns as possible fraud. TurboTax ……/-Utah-flags-8-000-taxreturns-as-possibl… Daily Kos – “Utah taxpayers who filed state-income tax returns electronically prior to 2014 through … Intuit also makes Quickbooks which would have a LOT of highly useful … If this a part of the same group that has hacked other big name …
  • TurboTax Temporarily Suspends E-Filings on Fraud Concerns…/turbotax-suspends-e-filings-on-fra…The Wall Street Journal – 2 days ago – Online Tax-Software Company Temporarily Halts Electronic Filing of State Returns … Intuit hasn’t said how many 2014 state tax returns have already been filed… At Anthem, hackers broke into a database containing personal …
  • Fake Tax Returns In 19 States Linked To Apparent ……/fraudulent-taxreturnsfiled-utah-… Crooks and Liars – Electronic filing has opened a whole new enterprise for hackers and … and TurboTax are both Intuit products that link to one another for tax …
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Chipped Credit Cards coming soon, and expected fraud increase

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Credit cards with CHIPS!!!

The future is here in the U.S. all credit cards will soon have a bit of encryption magic to help prevent in-person credit card fraud & theft. You’ll have this little graphic somewhere on your card (if it is ready). The good news is this will help lower fraud, but as accurately shared by Brian Krebs (basically the online reporter/expert in this space):

In every country that has switched to EMV cards — and the United States is the last developed country to do so — online fraud has jumped, says online fraud expert Brian Krebs. “Fraud doesn’t go away, it just goes somewhere else, and that somewhere else is always online,” he says. “The thieves can still steal the card number and expiration date, which still can be used online. So that’s generally what will happen. We’ll see a pretty big uptick in card-not-present fraud.” – & Brian Krebs from his new book SPAM Nation


So, the tips for managing your online security are even more elevated in this new time. As cards become updated, practice your good tips and carry on.


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