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Why Apple Pay should be your top 4 payment methods

Posted on December 2, 2014 in hntbh - 0 comments - 0

*Apply Pay should be your top 4 payment methods far above Debit Card, Cash, and Checks*

If you have an iOS device (newer models only at this point) you should use it. The basic reasons – if you have used itunes to buy music, than you have trusted Apple with your credit card. If you purchase ANYWHERE with Apple Pay, that retailer NEVER gets your credit card number, therefore you are only exposed at 1 retailer and not hundreds.

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Curious – check out this write-up which I find pretty informative: http://buff.ly/1xUfIup

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Home Depot and JP Morgan were hacked, so YOU need to take action

Posted on September 3, 2014 in hntbh - 0 comments - 0

The news in the past few weeks has included several online businesses (Apple), a leader in finance (JP Morgan), and a retailer (Home Depot). The attacks varied, the exposure of specific data unique, and the customer type certainly unrelated. Despite these realities, every one of these businesses has one thing in common – YOUR information, money, and details were exposed.

Why is this important?

  • Thieves could empty bank accounts
  • Thieves could use the stolen information and trick YOU to log on to a fake JP Morgan website (this was actually done in this case days before the attack was made public)

You must take the following action:

  1. Change your passwords (for any call in verifications and or online)
  2. Print your account statements and keep a detailed record of your $$ at the bank(s)
  3. If your retailer confirms a breach, request a new Credit/Debit Card w/ fresh fraud prevention safeguards

Responding to the ebb and flow of data breaches is impossible, but if together we establish behaviors to counter the negative effects then we have succeeded.

Be safe,


*on the book front I am making progress and aim to release a chapter sketch soon. a challenge I have currently is financing the graphic artists and editors necessary to create a really stunning book. any ideas are welcomed!

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