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87% of Consumers Feel Their Data is Not Safeguarded

Posted on June 20, 2014 in hntbh - 0 comments - 1

A survey conducted in March 2014 – with roughly 2,200 consumer participants – shows a significant concern of consumers’ data being safeguarded by businesses, retailers, and data brokers.

The important stats:
•  The majority of respondents, 87%, believe adequate safeguards are not in place to protect their personal information
•  64%, compared to 85% from the 2012 survey, are concerned about websites tracking their buying behavior

Consumers continue to be cautious about the use of their personal information. So what does this mean for you, the average consumer?

HNTBH Conclusion:
1.  You are not alone in being concerned about how your data is being used. The vast majority of your peers feel the same way.
2.  The duty of protecting your data is your own responsibility. Businesses cannot accomplish this task alone. Work with them! This crucial point is discussed under the “Tips” link of this website, as well as the external resources linked by HNTBH.
3.  Check out the post, “Police Your Own Data.” You will learn the safest information security habits and – like cleaning your closet – eventually it must happen. Don’t keep putting it off.

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